Our Hotel Reservation System was designed to simplify the task of online booking. It provides users a unique, intuitive and easy to use interface that improves the way people use the web today. Through personalization and rich features, this Reservation System enhances the entire Web experience. We offer you a booking engine that displays your room inventory and sells rooms. The booking engine is easy to update for discounts and rate corrections as well as inventory management. The booking engine we offer is customizable to the smallest, simplest hotel. It also serves those who require detailed inputs of packages and inventories in various segments to various types of customers.


A problem-free ability to adapt to each and every approach to hotel booking management is one of the key characteristics of our reservation system. It will effortlessly handle all pricing requirements, whether for business or holiday needs. Price management is fully-featured and dynamic, allowing for full customization according to individual hotel policies.


Day-to-day functions, those most commonly used, are accessed from just one control panel. Tariff management, room categories have been grouped within a single panel, with all relevant information available at a click. Any restrictions applying to tariffs, rooms or discounts can be handled without ever leaving this panel. It couldn’t be easier!


The ergonomically positioned controls are clear and intuitive and can easily be understood by all users. All functions are clearly and logically explained. Even the more complex and sophisticated functions are displayed in a way that can be easily understood.


Our Hotel Reservation System is extremely flexible and can be easily configured to meet any hotel or chain requirements. End-user languages, control panels, single or multiple bookings, and credit card processing can be fully customized according to needs.