Managed IT permits ongoing monitoring, maintenance and IT support that is timely and easily budgeted so that there is less likelihood of unexpected down-time, disruption to employee productivity or unforeseen IT crises that can wreak havoc on your budget and reputation.

Deciding to partner with a managed IT provider is a strategic business decision to improve and secure your IT operations in a planned, financially budget-friendly manner.

Our Approach

Trimax Americas’s team is always on call, ready to troubleshoot and resolve critical system issues quickly and efficiently from our NOC. We typically respond faster than internal staff, with no off-hours disruption. For almost two decades, we have served hundreds of clients, managing thousands of end-points worldwide.

Services Provided

Managed services is rapidly replacing traditional information technology (IT) management tools and mega-outsourcing arrangements because it provides a more cost-effective method of managing and protecting enterprise networks, systems and applications. Managed IT permits ongoing monitoring, maintenance and IT support in timely and cost effective ways. Managed IT significantly reduces the likelihood of unexpected down-time, disruption to employee productivity and prevents unforeseen IT crises that can wreak havoc on your budget and reputation.

Our Approach to Managed Services

Our technicians receive training on an ongoing basis in order to be able to provide the most current and innovative solutions to our clients. Technology is a field where yesterday’s IT solutions are simply not as efficient or secure as the one’s today’s competitive business environments require.

Trimax works with businesses across all verticals to customize managed IT programs that address their specific IT needs and budgets. Whether you are a healthcare provider, a law firm, an educational institution or specialize in accounting, insurance, pharmaceuticals or manufacturing, your business will benefit from IT solutions that are specific to your industry and managed on an ongoing, timely basis for one monthly fee.

To assist in understanding the specific technology needs of your business and to plan a customized managed IT program, Trimax provides a complimentary network and security assessment. Contact us today to set up an appointment. We look forward to learning about your business.

Services Provided
  • Ongoing Network, Server, and Workstation Monitoring, Maintenance and Support – your entire IT infrastructure is managed for one monthly fee.
  • Layered Approach to Security including the installation, management and updating of firewalls and antivirus, antispam and antispyware/malware software - Our systems regularly scan for threats and delete them as they happen.
  • Patch Management – to keep your computers current and safe.
  • Information Protection in the event of equipment being lost of stolen.
  • Local Back-up: Through local image back-up your operating system, applications, and databases are backed up on a regular basis to a server or other on-site back-up hardware, making data recovery easier.
  • Off-Site Replication Back-up: We offer solutions for off-site back-ups to provide recovery capabilities in the event of a major disaster at your primary site.
  • Business Continuity: We help you plan for unexpected disruptions that might affect your business so you can recover quickly and efficiently.
  • 24/7/365 Help Desk: With our professional help desk services you get an experienced single point of contact for all your questions and troubleshooting needs. Many problems can be solved remotely, saving you time and money.
  • Cloud Services: Our cloud services include integrating your on-site infrastructure and applications with the cloud, customization of applications and services, as well as centralized management of hosted systems.
  • Comprehensive Network Reports: You will receive regular reports showing you the overall health of your IT, keeping you informed about what’s happening.
Our proactive Server Monitoring service performs the following daily checks to keep your network optimized:
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting of server crashes or internet outages.
  • Data backup failures.
  • Windows service failures.
  • Hardware Monitoring – Hard drive, RAID, cooling fans, power supply, & memory failures.
  • Vulnerability Monitoring.
  • Performance checks of memory, processor, and network usage.
  • Critical Events Check – reporting of Critical Events so our experts can act quickly to prevent downtime.
  • Hacker Check – monitoring for security attacks.
  • Disk Health Check – checks to see if your disks are experiencing physical failure.
  • Disk Growth Rate – spots if something is eating up disk space at a rapid rate.
  • Microsoft Exchange Email – prevents downtime in your email systems by checking usage levels.
  • Anti-virus Checks – Ensures your virus protection is up to date and your system is actively monitored.
Our proactive Desktop Maintenance service includes:
  • Auto scheduling of temp & cache file cleanup
  • Auto scheduling of Windows updates & security patches
  • Auto scheduling of 3rd party updates & security patches
  • Auto scheduling of disk defragmentation
  • Vulnerability checks
  • Windows service checks
  • Disk space checks
  • Event log checks
  • Anti-virus checks