Trimax, a Global Leader in Technology Solutions, Announces Near Shore Expansion to Costa Rica.

As part of Trimax’s 2019 focus on solutions for increased customer productivity and business expansion, the company announced today the expansion of the company’s global footprint into Costa Rica. With the addition of the newest location, Trimax now has a global presence across 9 countries.

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Trimax, a global leader in Technology solutions, announced its acquisition of Global Resource, an Atlanta based IT solutions and consulting firm.

Together, Trimax and Global Resource can deliver a comprehensive end-to-end solution portfolio to enable customers to deliver more autonomous, profitable business decisions, unlocking the full business impact of Global Resource’s Robotic process automation, AI and Software Robotics.

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Trimax Americas announces an acquisition to expand into the healthcare vertical while growing its portfolio of client solutions.

Trimax, a global leader in Technology solutions, announced its acquisition of ExcelTo Solutions, a New Jersey based IT consulting firm. This acquisition is a strategic move to penetrate the Healthcare vertical for Trimax.

"We are excited about this acquisition, it brings a wealth of experience across the healthcare vertical, and augments the current service offering. This move also enables us to extend our services to new industries, further increasing their business productivity and efficiency," according to Rahul Bajaj, SVP, Global Revenue & Growth Initiatives (M&A) of Trimax.

Trimax’s mission to foster growth through technology and innovation is the perfect complement to ExcelTo’s approach to business and strong dedication to client success. Leveraging ExcelTo’s team will enable Trimax to expand its portfolio of application modernization and migration solutions, as a service for clients. With a passion for technological modernization and innovation, Trimax is excited to provide high performance Information Technology solutions to meet the needs of ExcelTo’s clients.

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About ExcelTo Solutions:

ExcelTo Solutions is a rapidly growing tech company with core competencies in software solutions and consulting, founded in Monroe Township, NJ. ExcelTo provides consultancy services in the healthcare vertical. ExcelTo’s client success stories all echo a similar sentiment, strong performance coupled with cost saving benefits.

About Trimax Americas

Trimax is a global information technology company with a passion for growth through innovation. Trimax enables customer growth and increased operational efficiencies by leveraging cross vertical expertise and a comprehensive suite of IT services, with core competencies in Infrastructure Management, Managed Services and Cloud Services.

Trimax Americas Helps Global Manufacturer of Aerospace Products Reduce Operational Costs through Microsoft Office 365 Migration Trimax Americas, global IT leader with strategic partnerships with Microsoft, Dell, Oracle, HP and VMWare, recently helped a global provider of commercial and consumer products, engineering services, and aerospace systems transition to the Cloud by adopting Microsoft Office 365.

The manufacturing company’s productivity software prior to migration included Office 2007 & Office 2010. These products created both a complex and rigid environment, lacking cloud infrastructure and innovative features.

Team Trimax designed a custom plan to accommodate a migration of over 100,00 users from Office 2003,2007,2010 to Microsoft Office 365 with no user downtime. The migration strategy was to improve infrastructure, as well as to support all functionality on both new and existing applications.

This was successfully completed via an automated deployment processes with minimal manual deployment, creating a system which benefited both the client and individual users. This system increased overall operational efficiency and reduced IT overhead. Trimax Americas’ team was also available 24/7 to actively assist users post deployment.

Transitioning to Microsoft’s Cloud allowed the manufacturing company to avoid expenditure on hardware replacements and reduce costs for additional licensing, while maintaining a familiar user experience and increasing accessibility for all users.

About Trimax

Trimax, an industry leader in providing quality high-end technology services, is a global IT company with core competencies in Infrastructure Management, Managed Services and Cloud Services.

Trimax's team of over 3,600 employees, across 17 locations and two Tier III+ data centers, has crafted customized business solutions and innovations for over 600 clients worldwide. Trimax understands that Information Technology is a dynamic industry, with increasing demands for new skills, methodologies and solutions. Trimax uses a proactive approach to help clients stay competitive in the ever-changing marketplace. Trimax's services are segmented to focus on distinct aspects of technology including: applications, infrastructure, and communications. For additional information, please visit

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Trimax receives ISO/IEC 27001 certification

ISO/IEC 27001 is the international standard for information security management. Through implementation of this standard, we're now highly equipped to identify security risks and implement controls to prevent, manage or eliminate them.

TRIMAX was selected for the 2015 IT COMPANY OF THE YEAR AWARD by VC CIRCLE.

The VC Circle Award recognizes excellence in performance among private equity or venture capital-backed companies.

The awards were granted to outstanding PE/VC-backed companies that not only recorded tremendous growth in their respective industries, but also had a significant impact on the industry as a whole.A voting panel comprised of industry veterans evaluated the contestants based on a set of qualitative and quantitative parameters – including financial performance, growth, brand salience, quality of management and return on investment.

The jury included Kris Gopalakrishnan, co-founder of Infosys Technologies; Bala Deshpande (NEA India Pvt Ltd), Luis Miranda (Centre for Civil Society), Soumya Rajan (Waterfield Advisors Pvt Ltd), Gaurav Dalmia (Landmark Holdings, Dalmia Group) and Archana Hingorani (IL&FS Investment Managers Ltd).

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Trimax is awarded a Company of the Year award by Frost and Sullivan for Best Practices in Intelligent Transportation Solutions

Trimax is awarded a Company of the Year award by Frost and Sullivan for Best Practices! Trimax was recognized in the category of Best Practices for our leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development in the Intelligent Transportation vertical.

Trimax America's Senior Cloud Automation Architect, Chris Alleaume, featured on VMWare blog.

Trimax America's Senior Cloud Automation Architect, Chris Alleaume, featured on VMWare blog.

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